Press release

Release of collection FW 2010-2011


In the new fashion season MASCOTTE’S English footwear and accessories brands astonish us with a spicy tale of the love between an ordinary earthborn girl and a vampire.

The autumn forest was the perfect setting for the filming of an advertising campaign rendering a mood of elusiveness of this strange romance taking place outside of time and space.

A fiery dance of nature’s slumber bestows a truly aesthetic delight: clear air, a bright variegated carpet of fallen leaves, a medley of golden ochres with many hues of warm browns and somber greys. Autumn the sorceress lets down her ginger plaits, her flyaway locks fluttering in the wind, she casts more and more dyes in her cauldron, blending fragrant mellow aromas with the bashful dreams of souls in love. She scatters into the cold ether her magic potion and flings open her golden shawl hiding from the world of the living and the world of the dead the two fearless lovers. Here the gate between dream and reality opens slightly, here in the tinkling silence of the slumbering forest, enchanted by their affections, the lovers found their refuge. Here the lovers don’t dare lower their glances, a hand timidly stretches towards the other and time is willing to freeze in the rustle of falling leaves allowing the lovers to savour the fragile moments of their world, built against all odds and for all eternity…

The aesthetic of the Fall-Winter 2010/2011 collection harmoniously merges Romanticism, a decadent style and Gothic.

Elements of glam rock, an abundance of metallic fittings and studs, coarse vintage leather can be found side by side with fine lace and accentuated by the elegant contours of the footwear.

In this part of the collection the crepuscular soul of the autumnal forest has settled: a monochrome range prevails, black, quiet colours, earthy hues of brown, the production of threadbare materials, heraldic symbols – all this creates the illusion of time travel as if this style has been delivered to us from the past. Perhaps we, garbed in this style, are destined to recall the stone gargoyles of a family castle and a long forgotten autumn morning lost in our dreams.

The ethnic and folkloristic motifs are incarnated in the rich palette revealing the sunny nature of autumn. The high boots, made from amazingly soft suede or kid leather, include the most fashionable element of this season- the fringe. Here more bright and clean hues are appropriate, reminding one of the sun’s reflections on the autumn leaves: bright ginger, terracotta, russet red and deep cobalt.

The range of accessories flawlessly complement the collection of footwear, offering a variety of stylistic designs of handbags. Admirers of the classical style will undoubtedly appreciate the refined minimalism embodied in the retro period motifs of the forties. The ethnic themes are embodied in the range of large, soft suede handbags.  The natural forms and exceptional utility as well as convenience of sport-glam style handbags make them an indispensable item of the wardrobes of the hardworking inhabitants of large cities.